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[Better with Bespoke] ③ [Video] How Samsung’s JetBot 90 AI+ is Reimagining Cleaning

Intelligent Navigation

The first-ever smart vacuum to be powered by Intel® AI, the JetBot 90 AI+ uses 3D sensors and enhanced object recognition to navigate your home as well as a person would. Able to sense distances of up to six meters, rotate 360 degrees and access hard-to-reach spaces, no dirt is safe when the JetBot 90 AI+ is on the case.

Thoroughly Clean

Once it has finished cleaning, the JetBot 90 AI+ returns to its Clean StationTM, an elegantly designed dock for your robot vacuum that optimizes health and convenience by automatically emptying the vacuum’s dustbin for you.

Remote Monitoring and Smart Control

And to make sure you stay connected and in control of how and where your robot vacuum is cleaning, the JetBot 90 AI+’s front camera and upgraded smart controls allow you to connect to your vacuum from anywhere via the SmartThings mobile app.

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Jan 13, 2021 at 13:24


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How Samsung’s JetBot 90 AI+ is Reimagining Cleaning


Jan 11, 2021 by 삼성전자 뉴스룸 [Samsung Newsroom]


Created to give your house an amazing clean with minimal effort on your part, the JetBot 90 AI+ uses cutting-edge object-recognition technology to navigate your home just like you do: avoiding furniture, dog droppings and cables without missing any spaces out.
Check out the video to learn more about how, with innovations like a self-cleaning Clean Station™ and a camera you can monitor from anywhere, the JetBot 90 AI+ allows you to give your house a fast, efficient clean while barely lifting a finger.

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