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[Editorial] Samsung Envisions a Better Normal in 2021

2020 was a year like no other, one that quickly and unexpectedly shook up our lives and reimagined our normal.

A Better, More Personalized Experience

We’ve all spent more time at home, expecting more out of our living spaces and for many, this has been increasingly challenging. That’s why we’re introducing smarter technologies that enrich your life through seamless personalized experiences, from helping you master your yoga technique and achieve your home fitness goals, to navigating a new diet with tailored recipes and intuitive connected kitchen appliances.

AI Empowering a Better Home

Ultimately, the Better Normal will not look the same for you or me – it will revolve around everyone’s unique needs and habits. Well imagine no more, because at CES, we’re going to show you how our cutting-edge research is working to bring an extra pair of hands to your home. We’re advancing our AI-infused technologies to enable you to do more than ever, and we cannot wait to show you how robotics will support us on the journey to a Better Normal.

Technology Shaping a Brighter Future

And throughout this journey, we must acknowledge our responsibility to serve not just our users, but our planet, and our society. As we overcome one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime, we must stand together to ensure that our Better Normal also benefits the generations to come.

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