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Fostering Advancement Around the Globe – Introducing C-Lab at CES 2021

There are essential elements to making the dreams of those who launch start-ups come true – from brilliant ideas, to esteemed colleagues who share the pains, gains, and persistence that allow the ventures to endure. Above all else, these start-ups need a ‘stage’. The stage is where ideas are shared, feedback is gained from future users, and investors meet their potential partners.

■ What compelled the company to provide food and wine combination recommendations?

As we learned more about wine, we realized that the field of wine is somewhat influenced by IT. As wine becomes more and more popular, there will be more demand for our service. Once our service is combined with IT, anyone will be able to enjoy dishes with the appropriate wine to match.

■ Tell us about Counter Culture Company.

We operate a global K-pop online home training service called ED Online K-pop Training Agency. This service provides international fans with the actual training that K-pop singers receive.

■ How do users utilize the service? ■ How do users utilize the service? With our service, users can basically take online K-pop classes. To truly improve, trainees require monitoring and professional feedback. Moreover, users can check their progress by going through monthly evaluations along with Korean K-pop trainees.

First, users activate the Salin app with a laptop, smartphone or VR/AR headset. After that, all they have to do is use functions such as 3D writing and multi-video sharing to invite others into 3D spaces and enjoy talking with them.

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