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[Infographic] Refrigerator Top Tips: How to Keep Your Food Fresher for Longer

How many times have you thrown away unused food from your refrigerator, or wasted food you simply forgot about because it was out of sight and therefore out of mind? According to the United Nations, roughly one-third of the food produced globally for human consumption is wasted every year. New research from Samsung shows that factors such as not knowing whether to store products in the refrigerator or on the counter and missing expiration dates contribute to this unnecessary wastage.1

Food Storage Tips for a Longer Shelf Life

For example, condiments do not require very low temperatures and are best kept on refrigerator door shelves – this will also keep them out of the way and make other more perishable items more visible. Meanwhile, the upper shelves of your refrigerator are ideal for items that need to stay chilled like dairy products, and the lower shelves (the coldest parts of the refrigerator) are best for items that spoil easily.

Storage Tips that Keep Food Fresh for Twice as Long

It is important to be aware of the internal layout of your refrigerator – and a good idea to change up its internal space based on the groceries you buy.

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Samsung’s new RB7300 refrigerator


Dec 21, 2020 by 삼성전자 뉴스룸 [Samsung Newsroom]


Samsung’s new RB7300 refrigerator not only possesses a stylish exterior that blends effortlessly into your kitchen, but also offers generous storage space in a standard depth that evenly cools the inside of the refrigerator from corner to corner.

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