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[Video] A Holiday Thank You Letter, From Exynos to You

With the holiday season in full swing, Samsung Electronics has created an animated tribute video to their Exynos customers to help spread some of the season’s festive joy. 2020 will be remembered as a year full of challenges on both a global and a personal scale, it was also a year that provided people with the opportunity to reflect on the most important things to them in their lives.

The video follows one man’s journey of reflection as he befriends a magical character from his smartphone and rediscovers a long-forgotten dream.

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Dec 16, 2020 at 00:16


Video provided by Samsung.


Exynos: Thank you | Samsung


Dec 15, 2020 by Samsung


In rediscovering these personal values, we’ve learned to cherish every precious moment we have with family and friends, and to believe in our inner strength and ability to tackle life’s challenges head on.
The same goes for the #Exynos team.
Now more than ever, we realize how important the support of our fans is towards going further.
The Exynos team