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Samsung Shares Massive MIMO Roadmap in New Whitepaper

Massive MIMO, key technology for enhancing 5G network capacity and user experiences, will continue to be essential driver for 5G build-out

Samsung Electronics today published a whitepaper titled “Massive MIMO for New Radio,” highlighting the capabilities and benefits of Massive Multi-Input, Multi-Output (MIMO) in 5G NR systems and sharing Samsung’s roadmap for Massive MIMO solutions.

Why is Massive MIMO a Key Technology?

Massive MIMO is a major breakthrough in technology which improves the network capacity and the user’s 5G experience. Massive MIMO, outfitted with a large number of antennas, can control the antennas to concentrate the emitted radio signals into a narrow beam focused on a designated user, resulting in a significant improvement in throughput and efficiency while reducing interferences among nearby users.

Samsung Leads the Massive MIMO Evolution

Samsung provides a wide array of Massive MIMO radio lineup that aim to support all of the globally defined 5G spectrums in mid-band and serve diverse environments and site requirements. In 5G’s initial stage, Samsung Massive MIMO radio featured a slim, lightweight, compact design to ensure easy installation and quick deployment.

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