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Meet the Experts Behind Samsung’s Open Source Software Development

There was a time when, by and large, companies that created software would closely guard what they had developed. Now, the software industry is driven by sharing and collaboration. It is becoming commonplace for companies to make their code open source and freely available to the public, which can result in their technology becoming the new standard.

Since 2013, Samsung Electronics has been a board member of the world’s largest open source community, the Linux Foundation.

Q: How would you define ‘open source’ in a single sentence?

Q: As the head of R&D Strategy team that leads Samsung’s open source research, open source is an integral part of your daily work. What were some of your first impressions of open source software?

Q: You’ve referred to open source as being reflective of the times in which we live. Why do you believe open source innovation is so important? When it comes to open source, there are two key benefits, per se. By making proprietary technologies open source, a company can establish itself as a standard-setter and technological leader. This means that companies should not view an open source strategy as something that is nice to have, but that they must have.

Q: When did Samsung Electronics begin to take note of open source?

Open source is a relatively new field that encompasses a wide array of jobs spanning multiple areas, including development.

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