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Samsung Internet 13.0 Takes Your Browsing Experience to the Next Level

New privacy and security features give users more control to browse freely with true peace of mind

Samsung Electronics today announced a new update to Samsung Internet, its fast, easy and reliable web browser.

Protecting You From Prying Eyes

Samsung Internet 13.0 offers a new permission request UI that will display a warning message if a website seems malicious and is attempting to trick users into allowing notifications. And since we know how much privacy means to our users, Secret mode allows them to automatically clear their browsing history as soon as all their Secret mode tabs are closed. A new Secret mode icon will also be displayed on the address bar as part of the Samsung Internet 13.0 update, so that it’s easier to know when it’s switched on.

Extension API for Developers

Developers can use these APIs to build extensions and contact the Samsung Internet team to validate, approve and add their extension to the Samsung Internet browser. For more details, please visit

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