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How to Capture Incredible Pet Photos and Videos With the Galaxy Note20

Nobody wants to miss out on capturing a precious moment, especially when it comes to some of our favorite photographic subjects – our pets. Fortunately, now, with your smartphone at hand, you can ensure that you’re ready to record both your own daily life and your pet’s cutest and most memorable moments.

Packed with Samsung’s best photography and video features, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s pro-grade camera is perfect for capturing stunning shots of your furry friends. Let’s take a look at how the varied features offered by the Galaxy Note20 Ultra have helped Kim capture Miso and Ara’s most adorable sides.

Many pet owners like to visit specialty studios to have high-quality photos taken of their four-legged companions. With the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, you can now take high-quality pet portraits and create amazing video recordings of your furry friend from the comfort of your home.

Filming a video is the best way to record your pets’ unique characteristics. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra enables you to capture memorable moments with your pets in 8K UHD video.

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s Super Slow-mo feature makes it possible for you to transform fleeting scenes into epic videos. With this feature, you can catch every detail of your pets splashing around in water or can even turn ordinary scenes, like taking a bath or blow drying hair, into fun and memorable experiences.

Single Take provides you with a wide range of photo, video, and even ‘meme’able mode results based on just one shot. Once you have selected the mode and captured a short clip, Single Take harnesses AI to analyze the background and subject in order to recommend the best cuts of your picture or video, removing the need for manual scrolling of the different results.

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Capturing your pets with ultra-high-definition video makes them look even more adorable.
Tap into the Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s 8K video feature when you want to capture a vivid record of how you and your pets spend quality time together.

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