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[Interview] Meet the Engineers Responsible for the Global Standardization of UWB

The world of today is an interconnected one. At a given moment, for instance, your smartphone might be connected to your laptop, your laptop to your TV, and your TV to a wireless speaker. Now, imagine a world without the technologies, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, that make this kind of connectivity possible. The impact of their absence would be significant, ranging from small inconveniences in everyday life to much bigger constraints on broader innovation.

UWB – Opening Up a New World of Connectivity

Struggling to pass through a subway turnstile while carrying something, arriving home to find you’ve forgotten your key, or having to wait for your computer to start up before you can complete an urgent task – what if these inconveniences could all be reconciled with a single solution?

Global Standardization Expertise Brings New Life To Forgotten Technology

Though UWB has faced limitations in terms of data transmission, services that harness the technology’s distance measurement capabilities have now proliferated, bringing UWB and the unique features it offers into the spotlight. In this climate, Samsung Electronics has refined UWB technology by taking a close look at factors such as consumer experiences and service convergence.

What It Means To Work at the Forefront of Standardization

Presently, the industry has reached a consensus that UWB is the most optimal technology for measuring the distance between devices. After successfully rolling out UWB technology on its devices (the new Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold2), Samsung Electronics has opened up a new era of wireless communication.

Embarking Along the Untrodden Path and Showing the Way

In our everyday lives our queries are often met with open-ended answers, requiring us to strike out and find new ways forward.

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