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[Clothing Care Reimagined] ② Discover How the Samsung AirDresser is Redefining High-end Clothing Care

Your wardrobe is a reflection of your lifestyle. From business suits to athletic wear and attire made of denim, fur and leather – the garments in our closets are representations of our personalities and daily routines. But until now, consumers have generally been required to rely on their single washing machines and frequent, cumbersome trips to professional cleaners to ensure that their various garments are taken care of and refreshed properly.

Q. What brought about the development of the AirDresser? What were some important considerations regarding its development?

Consumers can now make restaurant-quality meals in their own kitchens and work out at home like they’re exercising with professional trainers. People still had to take their delicate and specialty clothing items to professional cleaners – trips which are often onerous and expensive. Consumers across the globe also have increasingly high standards for personal hygiene these days, meaning that demand is high for a quick and easy solution that can remove pollutants from clothes that have been worn outdoors.

Q. How do you predict the AirDresser will come to positively impact consumers’ lives?

YunKyung Kim : The AirDresser makes it simple to refresh clothes at home, at any time. With this advanced device, users no longer have to shy away from buying or cleaning clothes that are made from specialty materials like leather, as the AirDresser provides customized care for a range of sensitive materials. For frequently worn items like school uniforms and coats, consumers can make a habit of hanging their clothes up in the AirDresser as soon as they get home.

Q: What special features and capabilities set the AirDresser apart?

YunKyung Kim: My personal favorite is the ‘Inner Fabric Care’ capability. This allows the product to remove unseen bacteria and odors from the parts of your clothing that actually make contact with your skin.

Q: Why was now the time for the AirDresser?

YunKyung Kim: Since the introduction of electronic washing machines and dryers, the world of clothing maintenance has been waiting for the next big leap forward. I expect that the AirDresser will go on to become an essential home appliance just like the washing machine and dryer.

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