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[Samsung AI Forum 2020] Day 2: Putting People at the Center of AI Development

The Samsung AI Forum is an annual event that brings together globally renowned experts in the industry as well as across academia to serve as a platform with which to disseminate the very latest in AI trends, technologies, and research.

This year’s AI Forum, the fourth of its kind, is being held over two days this November 2 and 3.

Expert Highlights: Keynote Speeches

Professor Christopher Manning of Stanford University, a world-renowned scholar in the field of natural language processing (NLP), gave a presentation titled Natural Language Understanding and Conversational AI. Professor Manning shared the current status and latest trends in NLP technologies, highlighting the recent rapid development of such technologies, and introduced more accurate conversational agents and more effective open domain social robots based on them. Professor Devi Parikh of the Georgia Institute of Technology gave a lecture titled Multimodal and Creative AI Systems, in which she described her work into computer vision systems that humans can interact with via language and AI systems that can assist humans with their creative and artistic endeavors.

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