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Hands-on With The Premiere: Transform Your Home Into a Cinema

As the home environment has evolved and grown in significance for consumers, so, too, has the demand for a more varied range of content consumption options – and formats – continued to rise. The Premiere is Samsung’s latest solution for those seeking the ultimate in in-home cinema experiences, as it is a lifestyle projector that offers whatever viewers might want in terms of size, screen quality and mobility.

Not only does The Premiere bring a maximum screen size of 130 inches to life wherever you may want it, it is simple and easy to install so that you can create a small cinema of your own anywhere in your home.

Design: An Aesthetically Pleasing Shape and Finish for a Modern Touch

As The Premiere is entirely white, it is able to fit in smoothly with any interior design aesthetic.

How to Use: Easy Placement Against Any Wall

When you think of installing projectors, the first thing that might come to your mind is a myriad of cables, fixtures and other components.

Picture Quality: Vibrant 4K Resolution, Regardless of Disruptions

The Premiere is available in two models – a Triple Laser-enabled model (LSP9T) and a Single Laser-enabled model (LSP7T).

Sound: Immersive Audio with No Extra Speakers Required

The Premiere is capable of bringing an immersive concert experience right to you in your living room as it is equipped with 40W of premium speakers and woofers built directly into the projector and enhanced with Acoustic Beam technology to maximize sound from all angles. As the sound is emitted from 44 sound holes on both sides of the projector, there is no need to install extra speakers as the sound permeates the entire room to provide you with a captivating audio experience.

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