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Explore the Story Behind Samsung’s Calming Sound Palette

When we think about the smartphone user experience, visual designs and layouts are usually the first things that come to mind. But focusing only on what we can see and touch leaves out one key component that can greatly affect how people experience their mobile devices – sound.

Since the early days of mobile phones, people have been expressing themselves through ringtones. It’s a trend that has continued to this day, even as mobile technology continues to advance at breakneck speed.

Finding the Right Notes

From the subtle charging notification tones to the alarms, UX designers at Samsung carefully curated every aspect to bring a unified experience to users.

Putting the Pieces Together

For the classical pieces, Samsung invited seasoned musicians from conservatoires in South Korea to participate in the recording. The jazz recording session, meanwhile, brought together a group of award-winning musicians and composers in the U.S.

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The Making of Jazz Recording Session l Galaxy's New Ringtones


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