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[Clothing Care Reimagined] ① How Samsung’s Innovative AirDresser is Delivering Comprehensive Clothing Care

Fashion is always changing. It can be impulsive and random—but the best part of it is that people can define their own personal styles with it. But no matter what your style is, it is always important to present your wardrobe in the best way possible. Even the most polished outfit can lose its charm when wrinkly, stained, or ill-fitting, and in a world where dressing sharply remains as important as ever, it isn’t always easy to keep signature pieces such as jackets, suits, and dresses in pristine condition.

These special items generally can’t be washed in the washing machine, while taking them to the dry cleaner on a frequent basis can prove expensive and time-consuming.

Comprehensive Revitalization and Drying With a Touch of Fragrance

In addition to refreshing clothes with the JetSteam and JetAir features, the AirDresser offers powerful deodorization for your clothing. Able to comprehensively break down and separate odor-causing particles from clothes (including 99% of sweat and smoke odors1), the AirDresser leaves clothes fresh and odor-free. Check out the video below to see just how the AirDresser’s innovative JetSteam feature thoroughly cleanses your clothing.

Making Wrinkly, Contaminated Clothing a Thing of the Past

In addition to treating garments with powerful Steam that smoothes out wrinkles, the AirDresser employs a weight kit system that helps to relax wrinkles in your garments from top to bottom. Independent testing by Intertek has shown that the use of Samsung AirDresser leads to 100% of wrinkles being removed from woolen garments and approximately 80% being removed from rayon items.3

Smart Control for Ease of Use

And best of all, the AirDresser’s host of powerful features are now accessible wherever you are with the Samsung SmartThings app.4 Features accessible through SmartThings include ‘Care Recipe’, which recommends cycles according to your clothing’s fabric type, ‘My Closet’, which allows you to manage your garment list and usage history and ‘Cycle Management’, through which you can download and add new cycles to your AirDresser’s repertoire.

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