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The Freedom Not to Listen: The Story Behind Noise Cancelation Technology

In 1978, the U.S. government approached a sound company with a unique proposal. They wanted to develop a specific technology that would allow aircraft pilots and NASA astronauts to communicate clearly with ground crews and other pilots even with the ultra-loud roaring of jet and rocket engines in the background. The resulting technology would later become available for use outside of aeronautic environments; following its use in military headsets in 1986, the technology gradually made its way into mainstream and public usage.

Putting Safety First in Noise Cancelation

Up until now, most noise-canceling earphones were produced as canal-type earphones since this shape fits right into your ear compared to open-type earphones, which leave more space around the ear and are subsequently less effective at noise cancelation. Open-type earphones have rarely been equipped with noise cancelation technology, but when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Buds Live on August 5, the company expanded users’ options by applying ANC technology to an open-type wireless earphone.

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