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Samsung Expects UWB To Be One of the Next Big Wireless Technologies

At Samsung, we constantly push boundaries to bring consumers groundbreaking new mobile experiences that address their needs and enrich their lives.

Samsung is Driving UWB Forward

Samsung has been making significant investments in UWB technology because we recognize its vast potential to revolutionize the way we use our smart devices to manage our lives.

Samsung’s UWB Innovation and the Road Ahead

And our newly released foldable device, the Galaxy Z Fold2, is equipped with UWB as well. Thanks to UWB, owners of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Z Fold2 can enjoy incredible precision and accuracy when using Nearby Share, which allows users to connect to over two billion Android devices and instantly transmit photos and files to family, friends and colleagues. UWB has also enhanced our SmartThings Find feature by enabling the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Z Fold2 to generate an augmented reality (AR) visual display that shows you the exact direction, distance and location of your other Galaxy devices.

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