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How Samsung SMART Signage Is Delivering Savings, Versatility and Revitalized Consumer Experiences

Amid this climate, the benefits of digital displays are well-established, with their impact seen across retail providers from shopping malls to quick service restaurants (QSRs). In the restaurant sphere in particular, digital displays have been found to deliver improved visibility and an elevated overall brand experience compared to analog displays.

Putting the Benefits Into Numbers

When we compare using analog and digital menu boards in restaurants, it becomes clear that utilizing Samsung SMART Signage provides a significant advantage over the use of static lightbox menus. Five years on from the installation of digital signage businesses stand to save around USD10,000 per store according to Samsung’s ‘Improving ROI with digital menu boards’ white paper.

Digital Signage for Versatility

But the savings are only the beginning, with Samsung SMART Signage able to deliver a variety of content from images to dynamic videos, all in vivid, vibrant colors. SMART Signage is also engineered to operate 24/7, providing night and day visibility that is unmatched by analog displays and ensuring that customers are deeply engaged with content. These stellar displays are supported by Samsung’s powerful MagicINFO content management solution, which enables users to conveniently manage all of their visual signage from one centralized location.

Beyond the Money

But the benefits of digital signage go far beyond just savings and better-looking menus. Consumers are constantly looking for the most up-to-date information and best promotions, and the ability of digital menu boards to be updated in real-time to reflect demand, trends and unexpected events allows businesses to act quickly and efficiently.

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