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Samsung Delivers Stunning Picture, Sound and Smart Features with ‘The Premiere’ Lifestyle Projector

As the home environment has continued to develop and grow in significance for the everyday consumer, the range of content consumption offerings in the home must continue to expand as well. Thus, with the home television increasingly becoming an entertainment hub, source for keeping up with current events, fitness partner and much more, Samsung has kept expanding its industry-leading lifestyle offerings to ensure that users can access all the features they need without compromising on aesthetics.

Great Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Immersion is the name of the game when it comes to the remarkable picture quality offered by The Premiere. Equipped with cutting-edge Triple Laser2 technology, The Premiere delivers outstanding picture quality and brightness, providing the user with an effective in-home cinema viewing experience.

Permeate Your Room With Sound

Equipped with 40W3 of premium, room-filling sound, The Premiere features 4.2 channel sound with speakers and woofers built right into the projector, removing the need for users to clutter their space with additional sound equipment. What’s more, the surround sound offered by The Premiere is empowered with Acoustic Beam technology, which maximizes left and right-side sound delivery for a truly immersive audio experience.

Designed To Complete Your Space

The days of installing complex, unaesthetic components in your spaces are coming to an end.

A Comprehensive Smart TV Experience

The Premiere projector doesn’t ask you to compromise on services or connectivity either.

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