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Three Samsung Home Appliances to Help You Customize Your Lifestyle

In 2020, the home has become more important than ever. We are spending more time in our homes and doing more in them – from working to working out. This has led to more and more consumers trying to find ways to pack all aspects of their dynamic lifestyles into their home environments.

And Samsung’s home appliances are keeping abreast of this trend by offering smart, stylish ways to establish a home environment that is uniquely designed to match your tastes and needs.

Customize Your ‘Stylish’ Lifestyle

Rethink what a refrigerator can be with Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator line. Bespoke allows you to curate the refrigerator that’s right for you, with a variety of types and colors that you can mix and match. Tailor the color of your refrigerator to match. Whatever your needs and décor of choice, Bespoke fits seamlessly into your lifestyle to make keeping food fresh more stylish than ever.

Customize Your ‘Smart’ Lifestyle

Samsung’s latest washer and dryer lineup, launched in Europe in August, comes with an industry-first cycle recommendation feature that analyzes your preferences and offers laundry advice. Give the WW9800T washer a spin, and let the machine find the best settings for you each time you turn it on. And with AI Wash, your smart washer can set optimal water and detergent levels based on smart sensors that automatically gauge each load.

Customize Your ‘Hygienic’ Lifestyle

It always pays to be wary of the pollutants in the air, dust on our floors and allergens in our clothing that can negatively affect our home environments. But every home is different, and no single solution is a perfect fit for all.

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Customize Your ‘Stylish’ Lifestyle - Samsung's BESPOKE refrigerator


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