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[Beyond Viewing] ③ Taking Smartphone Content Viewing To the Next Level With Mobile View

TVs and mobile devices – while highly capable on their own – shine even brighter when they are brought together. For those used to consuming and sharing content on their phones, being able to watch videos on bigger screens, enjoy music with more vivid sound, and share photos seamlessly are exciting prospects. Particularly in outdoor environments where people come together socially, users can benefit greatly from being able to share their mobile content through the medium of their TVs.

‘Tap View’ ­– A Mobile Screen as Big as Your TV

In the past, trying to view a smartphone video on a bigger screen at home often required you to navigate a host of complicated settings and additional components. But now, Samsung has introduced the ‘Tap View’ feature, which allows you to enjoy mobile content on a large screen by simply tapping your smartphone on the edge of the TV. With Tap View, you can even enjoy content on a big screen without having to connect to Wi-Fi or data networks.

‘Multi View’ – Powering Multi-Tasking With Two Screens on One TV

Thus, the ‘Multi View’ feature was introduced to allow you to display your smartphone screen on your television, and then divide your TV display into multiple screens so that you can keep using the TV as well. This allows you to view all of your content on one screen, making it easier to divide your attention without missing anything.

‘Music Wall’ – Ramp up the Excitement of Your Events

What better way to enhance the sensory experience of listening to your favorite music than enjoying it visualized with vivid colors with the ‘Music Wall’ feature.

‘My Album’ – Sharing Memories Through Photos

Another feature available when using Mobile View is ‘My Album.’ With 2020 models of Samsung TVs, uploading and displaying photos on your TV has become quicker and easier. Simply select the pictures you want to see on your TV, press ‘Share’ and select ‘View pictures on TV,’ and watch your photos spring to life on your television before your eyes. For users with multiple TVs, a preferred television for viewing photos can be selected.

‘Smart View’ – Connecting Your Smartphone and TV

Another way to display a range of mobile content on your TV is through the use of ‘Smart View’.

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