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[Interview] Efficiency For Good: Inside the Energy-Reducing Technologies of Samsung’s Wind-Free™ Air Conditioners

The air conditioner is no longer just an appliance for the summer – in addition to cooling capabilities, air conditioners today also come with air purification and dehumidification functionalities. However, knowing that your air conditioner is working around the clock can naturally lead to concerns about high electricity bills and your home’s environmental footprint.

Understanding that this is a real worry for many consumers, Samsung Electronics works tirelessly to make its appliances more energy efficient.

Reducing Electricity Usage With Digital Inverter Boost Technology

Just as the water in a waterfall cascades from higher ground to lower terrain, so does energy move from high to low. Air conditioners that use compressor technology to lower temperatures have to reduce heat through a process that runs contrary to this natural flow of energy – which is why air conditioners conventionally require a lot of energy to function. “The compressor serves as a pump that circulates the heat, moving matter from a lower point to a higher point,” explained Principal Engineer Byoung-Ok Ahn.

Enjoying a Comfortable Breeze at All Times

Often with air conditioners, once the temperature in a room has been reduced to the desired temperature, the continued airflow from the indoor unit can become uncomfortably chilling. Homes with young children or family members who suffer from respiratory symptoms may be wary about keeping their air conditioner on continuously.

Changing Modes Automatically for Ultimate User Peace of Mind

As well as its inverter technology and Wind-FreeTM Mode, the 2020 Wind-FreeTM Air Conditioner features other innovative features designed to help reduce users’ electricity bills.

A Better Future for All With Air Conditioner Innovation

This is why Samsung strives to make all of its devices, including its air conditioners, more energy-efficient and sustainable for the future. “While we work to provide optimum air cooling solutions, we also strive to ensure that our leading technologies remain energy-efficient,” noted Ahn.

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