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Renaissance of Cherry Red and corduroy

Timeless colours and materials: the Cherry Metallic exterior of the Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Edition echoes the style of the 1950s with its intense red colour.

Back then, dark red was a very popular exterior car colour. On the early 911 models, the colour was known as Burgundy Red. The Porsche literature of the 50s – Driver’s Manuals and books – was also produced in dark red and white. The lettering for workshops, Porsche retailers and dealerships also radiated in a strong red colour.

Spears and start numbers: Motorsport graphics as high-quality wraps

The spears are a reference to the early days of motor sport. Later, the spears were used as a kind of war paint and were one of the first design elements in motor sport.

The sides of the Targa Heritage Edition also feature motor sport graphics with historic designs.

Corduroy: fabric with special feel

“Corduroy, Pepita, Pasha and Tartan. These are all historic fabrics and patterns that we are reviving in the interior of the new Heritage Design models,” reports Volker Müller, Head of Colour & Trim. It was particularly exciting to study and test the old fabrics and patterns. We then reinterpreted the materials to meet current safety and comfort requirements and had them produced, explains Stéphanie Kleiböhmer, Colour & Trim Designer.

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