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Porsche congratulates Gérard Larrousse on his 80th birthday

Gérard Gilles Marie Armand Larrousse was born in 1940 in Lyon, where his father ran a textile factory. “My first job was as official works driver at NSU France. After that, I drove for Automobiles Alpine for two successful years,” he says of his early days as a professional racing driver.

In 1968, Gérard Larrousse almost prevented the first Porsche win at the Monte Carlo Rally. When Porsche’s chief engineer Peter Falk approached Elford a little later and asked him who the best French racing driver was, he answered: “That would be Gérard Larrousse.” This is how the fast man from Lyon was appointed to the Porsche works team in November 1968.

In his first race, Gérard Larrousse came second behind Björn Waldegaard. Gérard Larrousse: The race took eight days. It was a mix of rally and hill climb, and drivers had to be skilled in both disciplines. But only a very few were skilled in both, among them Vic Elford who opened the door to Porsche for me.

Gérard Larrousse also lived up to his reputation as a fast all-rounder when he finished in second place at Le Mans in 1969. “I drove the lightest 911 ever built by the factory. It weighed 789 kilograms,” says Larrousse.

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