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A formidable team: parts supply during the coronavirus crisis

No production is possible without components. How do employees in the Procurement department and the plants make sure that all parts reach the factories on time, despite the applicable restrictions?

Stay-at-home-orders, closed borders and production shutdowns – the coronavirus crisis has brought about a host of restrictions in almost every country in the world.

Of the more than 1,300 series-production suppliers, 50 per cent are located abroad, and over a third of these temporarily shut down their operations during the coronavirus crisis. “Procurement is a team effort – across all departments – not just during the coronavirus crisis,” says Olaf Bollmann, Vice President Procurement Strategy, Capacity and Process Management. As early as January 2020, when the situation escalated in China, we looked in detail at the situation faced by our suppliers and researched potential alternatives together with colleagues from Requirements and Capacity Management, reports Sven Hagemann, Vice President Procurement Capacity Management and Series Control. Ever since, members of the procurement, requirements and capacity management areas, plant MRP controllers, logistics specialists and financial experts have been coordinating tasks across the various departments and throughout the Group, communicating via video calls up to four times a day.

Eleven per cent of Porsche’s suppliers are based in countries that have been particularly affected A total of around 11 per cent of suppliers are based in countries that are particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, such as China, Spain and Italy. All of them have now restored their supply capabilities. However, some have been severely affected by the lockdown and Porsche is trying to support these suppliers in the best possible way.

Thanks to the commitment of everyone involved, the restart went as planned – we are gradually ramping up our operations together with our suppliers. In this process, the outstanding collaboration between all involved departments was the crucial key to success – especially in such an unprecedented situation for us all, Michael Weihrauch, Head of Logistics in Leipzig, is delighted to report. Patrick Küster, Head of Requirements/Capacity Management: For this purpose, we are working closely together with colleagues in Sales, Programme Planning and Procurement, we are continuously assessing sales potentials on individual markets, and are optimising our operations to always provide the correct components.

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