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Blue wonder

For almost 42 years, this 356 C laid undisturbed in an inconspicuous warehouse hidden by stacks of tyres. Until it was tracked down by those who discovered it and restored to its former glory over a period of two years.

What car collector does not dream of making such a barn find? Or that made in a hay barn in the Allgäu region of Germany, where a very early Pretzel Beetle slumbered. But what the treasure hunters found there in the summer of 2017 behind metre-high stacks of tyres was no less sensational – a 356 C that had been forgotten for almost 42 years.

He is the man who purchased the discovered vehicle for 20,000 euros and restored it to its former glory over the course of two years with a team of external experts and friends from the Porsche scene. The last owner, a tyre dealer from Essen, was an alcoholic and had to deregister the car he had purchased just one year before with a mileage of 79,000 kilometres shortly before Christmas in 1975. He put in the garage, where it was promptly forgotten.

The paintwork was produced in accordance with the works specifications of Porsche Classic by the body and paint shop Pür from Ahlen, which is also a specialist centre for Glasurit.

Meirich: “There are two or three firms that can supply almost everything for the 356 within two days.” After the body had returned from the paint shop, assembly work started on 3 January 2019. After 24 months and 2,000 hours of work on the car, the blue wonder was perfectly restored by the summer. A flawless 356 C in a rare colour combination with all original documents and matching numbers confirmed by a Porsche delivery certificate. Porsche built the 356 C and SC models between mid-1963 and April 1965. The model was decelerated by disc brakes on all wheels for the first time and can be visually distinguished by the flat wheel caps without Porsche emblem. Those interested in buying one would have to invest between 80,000 (for models in need of restoration) and 150,000 euros (for models with a condition rating of 1) for this Porsche, which was built parallel to the new 911. Attractive details in the interior of the blue car from Bochum are the original Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio and the head restraints lovingly known as “pillow rolls”. The instruments shine like they did originally, and the door openers and window cranks are parallel to each other at the correct angle of 45 degrees.

Porsche 356 C 1600 – Technical specifications

Engine: Four-cylinder boxer Displacement: 1,582 cm3 Mixture formation: two Zenith dual carburettors 32 NDIX Wheelbase: 2,100 mm Weight (dry): 935 kg Top speed: 175 km/h

Info Text first published in the magazine „Porsche Klassik 16“.

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