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It’s rare to see a Lietz alone

A background story about Porsche works driver Richard Lietz.

And that’s not due to the fame of Porsche works driver Richard Lietz, who has won the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring and claimed three class victories at Le Mans. “The name Lietz is famous for the business activities of my grandfather, father and uncle. It has precious little to do with me,” laughs the 36-year-old. My granddad started selling taxis and farm machinery 70 years ago, which later turned into a car dealership, including a workshop and a petrol station, as well as a bicycle shop. It’s all still there today. The business is now run by my uncle and two cousins. What’s more, my supposedly retired father works there, jokes the winner of the 2015 GT Endurance Cup and two-time champion of the former Le Mans Series.

Eight years ago, Richard Lietz bought a house in his hometown and renovated it to his liking. Had I not been influenced by the family’s inclination towards the automobile industry and ultimately become a racing driver, I would definitely have chosen a career in real estate or architecture. I very much like interesting buildings, but I don’t like frilly, pointless designs. Instead, I’m a fan of form follows function. The design should add value. I believe that beauty always goes hand in hand with purpose. Following this credo, Lietz has created a private retreat in his hometown featuring clean lines and simple comfort.

I don’t need a big city. There’s no reason for me to leave my home. Life is relaxed, everyone knows everyone, and there’s a saying in town: “It’s rare to see a Lietz alone, says the easy-going Austrian. “She lives on my farm about ten kilometres from my house. I bought it about five years ago because it was a wonderful opportunity.”

I always wanted to own a farm and I had very clear ideas of how it should look. The buildings should be neither too young nor too old and run-down. It should have enough garages and a place to live. And very importantly, I wanted a view down the mountain rather than up the slopes, he laughs. Suddenly this property appeared on the market that was exactly what I’d imagined, at a reasonable price and in the immediate vicinity. I couldn’t say no – for no other reason than giving my toys a nice home, says Lietz.

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