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#GetCreativeWithPorsche: Planning road trips

While travel may be restricted at the moment, planning it certainly isn’t. Road tripping legend and the man behind Curves magazine, Stefan Bogner, shares how to plan the perfect car journey in the 6th part of the #GetCreativeWithPorsche lockdown series.

“It’s a bit like the music that was playing during your first kiss – it stays with you for life.” As creative director of Curves – the hit magazine dedicated to “soulful driving” and incredible roads – Bogner has photographed and documented an ever growing bucket-list of the world’s most beautiful stretches of tarmac.

There’s something special about Porsche cars. They have the perfect interface and they always get a thumbs up from other people, no matter where I am in the world. The Porsche community is unique, and I think it’s because while the cars are exceptional, they are also approachable, explains Bogner.

How to research the perfect road trip

“The most important thing is to take your time. If you were planning a month-long holiday, you’d take a long time getting it all just right. It’s the same with a road trip: preparation is key. It’s the coolest part.

Get to grips with reading a map and you’ll get a better sense of place and perspective. When you really study a physical map, the brain starts to absorb the information and when you come to drive a route, you’ll know much better where you are.

I spread my maps out and pin them on the wall, using post-it notes and a pencil to annotate, keep a note of the mileage and check how far away things are. I often buy really old maps, as I find it interesting to see how the world has changed. You can get into the history even more with old books and travel guides.

Once I’ve studied my maps and books, I’ll go online to add more information. I use software like Google Maps to adjust the route if I need to and to check journey times.

Where to start

Get in touch with locally-based friends, or use forums, Instagram and Facebook to learn about where you’re going and ask people for advice. My one timing rule is to avoid school holidays. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals the best time of year to visit their area, as no one will know the answer better than them. I was once planning a trip to Scotland and thought the summer would be the perfect time to go but a friend advised me to wait until October. In Scotland!

Get ready to roll

“Once you’ve worked out where you’re going, consider who you want to have with you. My best friend joins me on every trip but sometimes we travel in convoy with other cars. Eight cars is the maximum for me: any more than that and someone will always get lost or won’t make it through a set of traffic lights in time. With too many people involved it becomes hard work keeping everyone together.

Making sure the car is prepared is vital, especially if it’s an old one. I’ve been on trips with serious racing cars that you can also drive on the road and I always make sure I’ve had a look over them before I leave. basically, check everything.

Keep things running smoothly on the road

“The first time I went to Iceland I had planned everything so beautifully but then the weather was changing every five minutes and I couldn’t do what I wanted to do. I was disappointed and frustrated, but the locals looked at where I was headed and simply told me to go the other way around. Always be flexible and willing to change your plans.

Porsche Drive – Stelvio

The mountain roads through the Alps represent some of the great engineering marvels in architectural history. Constructed along dizzying precipices and craggy inclines, the hairpin bends twist these roads all the way up to the icy mountain tops, not only linking countries and cultures but also offering unparalleled views and spectacular adventures.

I’ll sometimes drive for eight hours a day and cover maybe 350 kilometres, and my photography is on top of that, so while I love finding good restaurants, having some snacks handy is important.

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