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Fine Form

The story of an architect, curved tubular steel, a table lamp, “time-stable” design—and a rare Porsche from California.

What’s a Porsche doing in a furniture factory? His very own 911 story started here at the Thonet production facility, for which Möller—a designer—created the iconic Lum light in 2010. “And right here is where my Lum is made,” he adds, pointing into the factory hall past the white convertible. Thonet

Möller loves the unconventional. His love of the unexpected prompted our photo session with the America Roadster in the midst of furniture production. The car could then be staged where tubular steel is shaped for the Lum, Möller’s elegant table lamp.

In Vienna, where Thonet later moved, he formed these rods into his iconic Viennese coffeehouse chair No. 14 (today No. 214). This chair’s simple design helped launch industrial production in the furniture industry—more than fifty million such chairs have now been made.

When Bauhaus greats such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, and Mart Stam designed furniture from tubular steel in the 1920s, they found an expert producer in the Thonet company, which had by then returned to Germany. Thonet perfected precision shaping of tubular steel. Thanks to its innovative power, Thonet became the world’s leading producer of modern Bauhaus furniture such as the S 32 cantilever chair, which Marcel Breuer described as “sitting on an elastic column of air.”


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