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Of rocks and childhood sweethearts

A background story about Porsche works driver Dirk Werner.

The life of Porsche works driver Dirk Werner has been a construction site since 2016. The 38-year-old is using the downtime in motor racing during the Coronavirus pandemic to work on his house on the northern outskirts of Würzburg. That’s just how he is: I always do my own manual work. Sawing, drilling, milling, I do everything myself. There is still a long list of jobs since we laid the foundations of our home four years ago. And especially now during the Coronavirus, I have a lot of time for such projects, explains the family man.

In the paddocks of the motor racing world, the native of Lower Saxony enjoys a reputation as one of the nicest drivers around. I’m living my dream as a Porsche works driver, I have the perfect family and my life is fantastic,” states the former DTM driver. It quickly becomes clear: Dirk Werner cherishes his personal and professional happiness – which is not surprising, because he has worked hard to achieve his dream.

Growing up, motorsport held very little interest for the Porsche works driver. In the family home, racing was never a topic; it was not a passion handed down from his father, uncle or grandfather. Dentistry was not an option for me. I was adamant I wanted to make a living out of racing. As a backup, I did an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic and a degree in mechanical engineering at the same time, recalls Werner.

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