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Back 2 Tape: Barcelona

Thanks to its location on the Mediterranean Sea and the architectural monuments that are known beyond its borders Barcelona is one of Europe's most popular travel destinations.

Rap from the streets, beats against domestic violence

"Welcome to our dirty cellar." This is how El Santo welcomes me at Placa Le Termes. Falsalarma, consisting of the MCs David & Ángel Navarro Romero (aka El Santo & Titó), DJ Neas and Dycache Santiago, is originally from Sabadell, an industrial town northwest of Barcelona.

"This is where our first tracks were made. We recorded ‘Alquimia’ here in 2005 - our second album, which went through the roof shortly afterwards." The songs of the Spanish artists deal, among other things, with the resistance against domestic violence.

Different paths, one common goal

As strongly as the four hip-hoppers define themselves as Falsalarma today, their individual paths were just as different.We've tried our hand at everything and sharpened our profile over time. Be it with battles in tagging, skating or breakdancing. At some point, I started writing lyrics and rhymes. Then, I did some scratching, then worked on lyrics again. Just like a baby starts to walk, Titò says.

His crew member DJ Neas still remembers very well how he discovered breakdancing: That was in primary school, probably back in 1993. Somewhere a couple of guys set up a rectangular parquet floor, turned on the boombox and started dancing. It still hits me today. One thing is clear to everyone: whether breakdancing, tagging or graffiti, each form itself is a dialogue with the street.

Trademark: A black pacifier

The black pacifier belongs to Barcelona as Lionel Messi belongs to the green grass of Camp Nou. At least for all those who keep their eyes open when strolling through the streets of the Spanish coastal city, and are fascinated by graffiti and urban art.

Long before hip-hop became an impactful youth culture in Spain, the Spanish artist was on the move with felt markers and spray cans. "It wasn't that easy back then to live out a certain extent of art. Most of what was somehow different was banned." The graffiti pioneer was already enthusiastic about the art of painting at a young age. When he painted the black pacifier for the first time in public, he was immediately caught by the Guardia Civil: The city cracked down hard these days and imposed fines.

Twelve kilometers of concrete as a symbol of freedom for graffiti El Xupet Negre was inspired by family, art history, graphic design, brand logos, street signs and Pop Art and paints walls that are officially made available to him by the city of Barcelona.

In 2018, [music__journalist__Niko__Hüls] embarked on a journey to the roots of hip-hop in Germany in [

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