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Three miles up: team sets extraordinary new altitude record

A Taycan Cross Turismo has entered the Guinness World Record books after setting a new benchmark for the greatest altitude change ever achieved by an electric car – 4,842.967 metres, or just over three miles.

They’re also close friends and travel addicts – always exploring and scouting new locations, even when the cameras aren’t rolling. Now, this interest has taken them to new heights – literally.

In a little over a day, they navigated from the lowest point they could access in America by car, to one of the highest – a vertical distance of nearly five kilometres – travelling more than 2,250 kilometres between the two, pausing only for both humans and the car to momentarily re-charge.

“It started as a ‘what if?’ – a passion project, mixing our love for cars and travel and taking it to extremes,” explains Musial.

Going underground at the Eagle Mine in Michigan

The lowest point in America is Badwater Basin in Death Valley, at 86 metres below sea level. To go any deeper, you have to go underground. This high-grade nickel and copper mine is the only mine in America where a car can be driven to sufficient depths, down a ramp usually used by specialist mining vehicles.

Due to the Taycan Cross Turismo being a pure BEV vehicle as well as being capable off-road with raised ride height and all-wheel drive, it met Eagle Mine’s criteria for being allowed to drive through the portal and into the tunnel itself. This makes it one of very few cars in the world with the right mix of capabilities to be able to attempt the trip – without any modification and using completely standard road tyres.

The mine team was up to the challenge

With their precise depth measured and verified by specialist surveyors, the team emerged from the mine just after dawn and began their relentless journey to gain altitude.

The journey was among the most demanding the car and team had ever experienced. The oxygen available to them at the start of the journey fell by 40 per cent by the time they reached the top of the mountain.

In total, three groups of drivers working in tandem took on the driving duties.

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