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Peace and quiet on the road: thermally and noise-insulated glass at Porsche

Virtuoso engine sound, casual conversation, and exceptional music – these sound experiences can be further enhanced with the optional thermally and noise-insulated glass.

Outside noise is most noticeable when entering a highway tunnel, where the concrete walls reflect the driving noise into the car interior, where it rises to a roaring crescendo. “These differences reveal the impact that outside noise can have on driving comfort,” says Jürgen Ochs, Head of Sound Quality, Car Bodies, at Porsche “The type of glass in the vehicle plays a key role in acoustic comfort. And its effect can be precisely measured – whether on an exposed stretch or in a tunnel,” he explains.

The middle layer of the three polyvinyl butyral (PVB) films is a special acoustic film that absorbs much of the oscillation of the surrounding glass and thus reduces outside noise by up to 7.3 percent in a frequency range of 630 hertz to 6.3 kilohertz.

Noise-insulated glass on all windows

Porsche installs the noise-insulated glass throughout, including in the tiny triangular panes and, of course, the rear window. The additional insulation can always be ordered in combination with the thermally insulated glass, which looks no different from the standard glass. The thermally and noise-insulated glass can, of course, also be combined with the ever-popular privacy glass. The lightweight glass option offers comparable noise reduction for two-door models.

Info Text first published in the Porsche customer magazine Christophorus, No. 401.

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