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Five Years of Innovations: happy Birthday, Startup Autobahn

This summer, Startup Autobahn celebrated its fifth anniversary. Europe’s largest mobility platform for open innovation has established an interface between large companies and creative start-ups in the field of mobility that is unparalleled in terms of innovative strength and diversity. A huge win — also for its cooperation partner Porsche

To successfully implement new developments and bring them to market, several factors must come together.

Startup Autobahn: Europe’s largest open innovation platform

The interface between industry-leading companies and young technology firms. The program, which brings together young technology startups with promising ideas and industry-leading companies, recently celebrated its fifth birthday. Porsche has been a partner since 2017 and has realized nearly 80 projects as part of the collaboration.

Reimagine the mobility experience

Here, opportunities are arising in many places to extend the definition of what mobility can be thanks to innovative solutions in the field of electric powertrains and battery technology, but also thanks to the increasing importance of software in vehicles as well as artificial intelligence.

The pursuit of perfection and innovation is deeply anchored in Porsche’s DNA. Ferdinand Porsche himself formulated this aspiration: There has never been a quiescent point in the evolution of the automobile. We face many problems today, and once we’ve solved those, we’ll face many new ones. We will keep on striving for perfection.

Startup Autobahn 2021

But Startup Autobahn is not limited to bringing innovations into vehicles. In addition, the start-ups show how technology can be used to improve the driving experience or make manufacturing more efficient. In recent years, Porsche and Startup Autobahn have been able to experiment greatly with artificial intelligence or try out new levels of reality such as virtual reality or augmented reality.

Creative input for the 2030 strategy

Startup Autobahn is not a typical start-up accelerator but offers an entire ecosystem for successful collaboration that fits seamlessly into Porsche’s work with promising start-ups and founders. This includes building companies through the company builder Forward31 by Porsche Digital, the earliest stage investor APX and our cooperate venturing initiative Porsche Ventures, which strategically invests in young companies and their ideas.

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