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Calm and chaos: the world of Sigurd Wongraven

Sigurd Wongraven alternates between very loud and very quiet tones: as the front man of a black-metal band and as the composer of a soundscape for Edvard Munch. The combination of his two Porsche 911 GT3 and his Taycan forms the logical equivalent.

I spend the night here and let the sound of darkness take effect on me. The moon, the smells, and the twinkling of the stars inspire me. That’s where many of my lyrics come from, says the 46-year-old, who has become known internationally as the front man of the Norwegian black-metal band Satyricon. Even in winter, Wongraven takes evening trips on cross-country skis with a headlamp – preferably away from the prepared trails, where experience in deep snow counts.

Breaking down barriers and changing tempo are his specialty – a life that is like a composition of very loud and very quiet tones. If you experience him on stage in a black rocker outfit with morbid white makeup backed by a heavy beat, it is hard to imagine him dreaming in a hammock.

Founding member of the band Satyricon

And he was rooted in the then-young genre of black metal – a dark underground direction with a predominantly Scandinavian history. Wongraven learned to play the drums and later switched to guitar. His furious riffs in minor key are reflected in Wongraven’s special sound, which put Norway on the global metal map. As a founding member of Satyricon, Wongraven belongs to the first generation of the black-metal movement.

Wongraven can talk for hours about music and performances from Sydney to St. Petersburg.

A multi-layered tapestry of sound for works by Edvard Munch

Between the Satyricon albums ‘Volcano’ and ‘Now, Diabolical’, Wongraven followed another great passion: in his late 20s, he bought his first Porsche 911 – a black Carrera 4 (993). “The last one with air cooling,” as he proudly states. “For me, the 911 has always been like a Les Paul, to draw a comparison with style-defining guitars: an absolute classic in form and sound.” He rocked his way through everyday life with the car, transporting his snowboards to the slopes around the Holmenkollen himself.

“After almost 15 years with the band, I needed fresh impetus.” Cuvées bearing his name have long since become an established label.

Sigurd Wongraven and the GT3 on the racetrack

After the silence, it’s time for the loud side to come out again: this time the Rudskogen Motorsenter provides the stage – a 3.25-kilometre racetrack designed by the German architect Hermann Tilke, the man behind almost all modern Formula One racetracks. This is where the Oslo Porsche racing community meets.

The metalhead reveals his course record with emphasis on the last decimal place – 1:32.7 minutes. A bridge between eras Since the autumn of 2020, the father of two sons has been driving his Taycan 4S through Norway, the country with the world’s highest density of electric vehicles. He raves about acceleration and torque, and draws an extensive comparison between the switch from the GT3 to the electric sports car and a change of guitar. “The inspiration came from Porsche Cars North America,” he says, “to mark the launch in Florida, the Taycan was presented in four famous racing looks.”

However, pure nostalgia is not a relevant factor for the avant-gardist. Info Text first published in the Porsche customer magazine Christophorus, No. 401.

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