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From the mixing bench to the standard selection: colour design at Porsche

“Some people remember songs or fragrances after interesting encounters. I automatically remember colours,” says Daniela Milošević, a designer in the Colour and Trim Design department at Porsche’s Weissach Development Centre.

The museum's night lighting and the Porsche Taycan share the colour Frozenberry. When developing the colour, the Color & Trim team had not yet thought about the shape of the all-electric sports car, but rather the theme that surrounds the Taycan.

Courage in the choice of colours

So the team started to explore the world of pastels. "We picked up the pastel world to perfectly convey electrification," says Milošević. When developing Frozenberry, the colour designers originally thought of the Asian market: "Asians are very courageous in their choice of colours." But then the Europeans also showed courage.

We use interior design and architecture as a source of ideas for our work. Fashion moves too fast. In contrast, customers buy a sofa and keep it for several years – like a car, says Milošević. After the Milan Furniture Fair, the designers think about which colours are missing from the range and which shades have not been in the standard selection for a long time. “We are always at least two years ahead, because we must recognise and set trends. At the same time, we must never lose sight of the brand’s DNA,” explains the colour designer, who has been working at Porsche for 13 years.

Between reality and vision

Milošević doesn’t just develop paint colours now, but is also responsible for the colours of films and wheel rims. “It is great to have seen both the makeable as an interior outfitter and the visionary and free as a designer,” she says.

The paint colour that Milošević is considering today will not be approved for three or four years at the earliest, and not before it has been through many tests. For this, test panels are placed in bright sunshine for two years. “Anything that passes the colour stability test in Florida is most certainly light-fast,” she says. The team creates around 12 paint colours for new models and derivatives each year.

Pantone and NCS colour systems

“I have my own mixing bench and love reproducing recipes or creating new ones myself.” The basis is always very important: everything starts bright and white and the designers then slowly move forward into the pastel world or the world of bright colours with small buckets and scales.

To test whether the exterior colours also perfectly match possible interior materials and colours, the designers work closely with their colleagues responsible for the inside of the vehicles. Many of our customers would also like to see the exterior colour in the interior. That is why the colours must coordinate with each other and enhance the character and features of the vehicle, says Milošević.

Info Text first published in the Porsche Klassik Magazine, No. 20.

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