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#GetCreativeWithPorsche: Keeping fit

Porsche ambassador, former WEC champion and nine times Formula One Grands Prix winner, Mark Webber, shares his tips for getting fit while on lockdown.

Part 4 of the #GetCreativeWithPorsche series is all about fitness; and who better to turn to in our hour of sedentary need than Mark Webber, veteran of Formula One and Porsche’s own record-breaking 919 Hybrid sportscar programme.

Fitness is one of the central tenants of racing, giving you strength, stamina and the abilities to stay focussed and recover quickly.

Starting out

If you go all out and push yourself too hard, too soon, you aren’t going to want to carry on the next day, and the day after. Start with long walks – or short ones if you have to. Maybe seek out some little hills and as you build up some fitness, turn the walk into a jog. Once you can jog for a couple of minutes, try a run, and alternate between running and walking. Vary the intensity and gradually build up the time you spend running, and decrease the time you spend recovering. I no longer have G-forces to contend with so my fitness doesn’t need to be at the same level as when I was heading into a grand prix or endurance race, but exercise will always be a huge part of my life.

Working out at home

With the current restrictions in place, most people’s days are going to be largely sedentary but moving – however you do it – is really important. You might not be able to play tennis with a mate, or visit a gym or pool, but there are plenty of things you can do at home, right now. Even if you’re in a flat with other people there are things you can do to get your heartrate up and a light sweat going – and that’s all we’re aiming for initially. If you’re sharing a small space with family members, try a bit of light wrestling. Maybe you can aim to go for a walk first thing in the morning and to do some bodyweight exercises at home in the afternoon. Find a skipping rope – or improvise.

Diet and nutrition

If you keep chucking big logs on your fire it’s going to keep growing. It’s true what they say: being in shape is 80 per cent down to how you fuel your body. No one likes a chocolate bar more than me, and I love ice cream and red wine but it doesn’t mean I have them all the time and when I was racing I was always very aware of my calorie intake.

I’ve never been into fasting but I like to eat well. A banana and honey sandwich or a smoothie made from yoghurt, nuts, coconut water and berries is great fuel. I love porridge, avocado, or a chicken sandwich or salad.

Stay motivated

That’s as relevant to fitness as it is to everything else in life. A great sports physio told me once that you should always come home wanting to do a bit more. Exercise is an investment over time, so finish when you’ve still got a little left in the tank because you want to be back out there again tomorrow.

Sign up for a 5k or 10k run, or a half marathon, depending on your fitness levels and ultimate targets. Having something in the calendar to work towards might give you that push to work a bit harder.

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