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Adventure to the technicolour Lake MacDonnell in the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Australia’s multi-coloured Lake MacDonnell is a rare sensory adventure. Discover this road trip with the electric Taycan Cross Turismo.

Few inspire more awe than the iridescent waters of Lake MacDonnell, an aquatic spectacle and a hidden gem. This scarcely-believable body of water lies in the state of South Australia, at the eastern end of the Great Australian Bight.

It is a dream-like section of water that stuns tourists and delights photographers who make the effort to venture to the remote area, with intense and ever-changing shades of pink to one side of the causeway, and blue to the other. A dream-like section of water A dream-like section of water Lake MacDonnell lies in what was once a salt mine on Australia’s largest gypsum deposit.

In some ways it resembles the Taycan Cross Turismo. Studying its performance figures and reading its reviews relay only so much – the real impact comes when you drive it. The Neptune Blue Taycan 4S Cross Turismo’s adventure credentials make it ideal for experiencing Lake MacDonnell’s memory-etching beauty.

Its higher ground clearance and available Off-Road Design package more than meet the challenge of Australia’s harsh rural roads, and up to 1,200 litres of luggage space maximise its touring abilities.

Two captivating figures: both of them quiet, powerful, and visually stunning. Info

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