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The greatest ever Porsche art cars

From a psychedelic rock star 356 to a fabulously floral Taycan, we’ve gathered together some of our favourite Porsche art cars from over the years in order to pay homage to the talented creatives that made them a tangible reality.

Is a Porsche the ultimate canvas? Following the recent release of the stunning 968 L’ART, we chronicle some of the best examples of Porsche art cars – from two Taycans and a 356 to a colourful array of 911 models – and discover that it takes a lot more than just a fresh lick of paint to turn them into head-turning pieces of automotive art.

968 L’ART by L’Art de L’Automobile

Embodying the connection between vehicles and fashion, this outstanding redesigned car ­­– the brainchild of L’Art de L’Automobile’s founder Arthur Kar – transports a retro look to the modern era. Unveiled at Paris Fashion Week in 2021 alongside a matching capsule collection, attendees saw the worlds of fashion, art and cars collide to mark the 30th anniversary of the 968. TAG Heuer created a matching chronograph to accompany this one-off car, while the roof was removed and RECARO seats were added, incorporating graphic leather in the centre panel that matches the exterior colour.

996 Swan by Chris Labrooy

Porsche has offered Scottish digital artist Chris Labrooy the opportunity to transport one of his digital artworks into the real world for the first time. The result is the 996 Swan, which was designed for the anniversary "20 years of Porsche in China". The Porsche 911 Type 996 was the first vehicle sold in China two decades ago.

911 Carrera by Nelson Makamo

Famed South African artist Nelson Makamo always knew he would own a Porsche, but what he didn’t expect was the manner in how it happened. The painter ordered his first ever Porsche with the view to putting his mark on his most unusual canvas yet. Makamo’s Porsche art car saw him hand-paint a number of elements, from the rear bumper to the seat mouldings, door panel inserts and side mirror covers. For Makamo, the art car in its entirety is a reflection of his success, the important people he’s met along the way and his hope that his work will spark the imagination of children all over the continent of Africa.

Taycan Art Car by Richard Phillips

This is the kind of artwork that makes watching paint dry a legitimately fun pastime, thanks to acclaimed American artist Richard Phillips breathing his vision into this artful second skin for the all-electric Taycan. To create the final masterpiece, Phillips applied his 2010 painting, Queen of the Night, onto the body of a Porsche Taycan 4S, with the lush piece spreading its leafy and floral arrangement from the front bonnet to the rear. Inspired by the beauty of the natural environment and the sweeping silhouette of the car, Phillips succeeded in giving this electric star a brush with nature.

Taycan with Artwork by Dale Chihuly

The horticultural oasis of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay not only plays host to a diverse collection of over 1.5 million plants but became the temporary home for this fabulously floral Taycan. Wrapped in an unmissable livery from Chihuly’s Persians series – comprising of ultra-bright flowers in a diverse palette – the car was more than a match for its foliage-laced surroundings. Sitting pretty on a pedestal, set against the futuristic backdrop of the SG50 Lattice – an award-winning pavilion that shows what highly innovative and sustainable architecture of the future could look like – it provided a harmonious reflection of the future-forward DNA of the sustainable Porsche Taycan, all amid an organic green oasis.

Taycan Artcar by SUMO!

On the occasion of the opening of the Porsche Centre Roost, Porsche of Losch Luxembourg decided to create a unique artwork on the theme of "Future" in collaboration with the renowned Luxembourg artist SUMO!. In close cooperation with the Porsche Centre team, the vehicle was first completely disassembled. Then the individual parts were transported to an unknown location where SUMO! More than five months were needed to complete the project.

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