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When car dreams come true

Some people search for a long time before they find the place they have always dreamed of. Others build it right behind their house: a garage for car dreams that have come true.

As Plöger opens his garage in Lichtenrade, on the southern outskirts of Berlin, his eight 911s stand proud: Riviera Blue, Ruby Star, Violet Blue Metallic, Mint Green, Yellow Green, Maritime Blue, Blossom Yellow, Continental Orange ... He switches on the barbecue and as the sun begins to go down behind the garage, the former professional volleyball player reveals he has an excursion planned for the following day.

“My father had a large moustache and a penchant for brightly coloured ties,” says Plöger, who took over the law business with his sister Maya-Sylviane after their father died.

The Mint Green 911 was parked in front of a manor house and Plöger remembers “there was a covering of snow on the black convertible top”. “As a Porsche newcomer, I was not familiar with the colours of the 1990s,” he remembers. The Mint Green shone in the snow-covered surroundings and immediately captured my heart. It was clear to me at this moment that such a candy colour on a 911 is unbeatable. Later, when looking through the vehicle documents, he discovered that the date on which the 964 was first registered was 29 October – his birthday. A visit to the Plöger’s home leaves a lasting impression. “All the furnishings have to be larger in order to have any effect,” says Andrea Plöger, as she serves black tea from East Frisia, poured onto crystalised sugar, as is fitting for a native of Oldenburg who grew up with this lovely tradition. “A cup of this has saved many a day,” she says with a smile.

Info Text first published in the Porsche Klassik Magazine, No. 20.

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