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Porsche acquires majority stake in Greyp

Porsche is acquiring a majority stake in the e-bike manufacturer Greyp Bikes. The sports car manufacturer’s venture capital arm, Porsche Ventures, has held a stake of around ten per cent in the Croatian company since 2018.

Now, following a takeover offer from a third-party investor interested in Greyp, Porsche has exercised its contractually agreed right of first refusal. Its majority takeover of the e-bike manufacturer further expands its activities in the sector. While Porsche becomes the majority shareholder, only Mate Rimac and other Greyp founders will retain a minority stake in the company.

Our activities in the e-bike sector underline our consistent approach. Porsche has been a leading provider of plug-in hybrids for years, in 2019 we launched the first all-electric Porsche – the Taycan – and last year, one in three of the vehicles we delivered was fitted with an electric motor. Our ambitious goal is to have a CO2-neutral balance sheet across the entire value chain by 2030.

Porsche is pushing ahead with its investments in digitalisation and electrification

Despite the difficult market situation, Porsche is resolutely and unabatedly pushing ahead with its investments in digitalisation and electrification.

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