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Porsche and TECHO: 10 years helping the community in Latin America and the Caribbean

Porsche and TECHO signed a partnership in 2011 that has resulted in more than 600 transitional houses built, several educational workshops and rapid response to natural disasters or the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

"Social responsibility has been part of Porsche since its origin," said George Wills, President and CEO of Porsche Latin America. That is one of the motivations that led us to join TECHO's cause 10 years ago to help people with limited resources. Today we have closed a very satisfactory first cycle and started a new one that we hope will unite us for another decade. We do it to transform the lives of those people living in poverty, one nail at a time.

Porsche and TECHO commemorated 10 years of partnership with the satisfaction of having built more than 600 transitional houses in 15 countries, which have directly benefited 5,000 people. "The needs of Latin America and the Caribbean require partnerships like the one we have achieved with Porsche," said Bruno Borges, CEO of TECHO in the United States.

Thanks to more than two million dollars donated by Porsche, the support of local importers and distributors, and the invaluable work of thousands of volunteers, the benefits have gone beyond transitional housing.

We wanted to add value to the housing construction with the educational workshops, as we think it is also of utmost importance to help people develop a trade and find a way of continuous livelihood, Wills said.

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