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Influencer Magic Fox visits Porsche

During a visit to Zuffenhausen and Weissach, lifestyle influencer Daniel Fuchs got to know Porsche as an employer.

Fuchs takes particular inspiration from the Porsche brand. The 34-year-old had also dreamed of working at Porsche – a goal that at the time seemed unattainable: “I thought about applying to Porsche after I graduated. I didn’t do it because I thought they wouldn’t take me – that they’d only want the crème de la crème,” Fuchs recalls.

He wanted to dispel the preconception that Porsche takes in only the already highly qualified during a visit to the main plant in Zuffenhausen and the Weissach Development Centre. On his @magic_fox Instagram feed and on the Porsche career account, @porschecareers, he took fans behind the scenes of the sports car manufacturer for the day and provided exciting insights into some of the careers that are possible at Porsche.

What is so special about the Porsche spirit?

For which occupations can you train at Porsche? Fuchs found answers to these questions at the training centre, his first stop in Zuffenhausen. “The direct connection to working practice makes this training very special,” he said.

Among his experiences at the Weissach Development Centre, the influencer was able to get familiar with the racing simulator, which is used for training by the works drivers and which was used to simulate the record lap of the 919 Hybrid Evo on the Nordschleife. The next stop was the pre-development department (EAN6) and, finally, the highlight: a drive with a test vehicle on the skid pad. Together with Max Barkow, who works in the department, Fuchs climbed into the car to learn more about how a test drive works.

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