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Journey to the Land of Giant Trees

An uncle with a 911 project car in the barn? There are moments and experiences – some small, others indelible – that cement our love for cars.

As a young boy, I learned to write by reading the dozens of car brochures I’d collect at the auto show every year. As I started writing and directing for film and television, I always searched for a way to tap into the wild enthusiasm kids have for cars. In developing Backseat Drivers, we wanted to make a car show that feels like it’s made just for kids. We wanted them to interact with the cars as much as possible, to have fun and form a real connection with cars.

Family road trip in the Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo

As my wife Mirabai and our daughters load their bags into the trunk and the kids Marvel at the retracting door handles, it becomes clear that this trip – perhaps the world’s first family road trip in the Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo – could very well become one of those profound moments.

The car flies off with a squeal – not from the tires, but from the two girls in the back seat. In those short seconds, they understand everything this car is about and everything this trip is about: to explore California via the open road, to experience this special car in a special place. And as the Taycan settles into its cruising speed, I delight in the fact that we’re experiencing this getaway as a family – and that even so, no one is complaining about my playlist.

Something happens when you ascend the winding road that leads into the Sequoia National Forest. The wind, the kids, the world – everything. The electric whisper of the car seems almost reverent, as though it, too, understands the significance of the moment.

View of the Half Dome

Winding around a tight twisting road, Adeline exclaims, “I love this car!” Bingo. Seconds later, the trees part to reveal a magnificent view: Half Dome, a rock formation rising 2,700 meters above the massive trees below.

Before leaving the park, we bound from the car and into the forest one more time. Wandering through the trees, Charlotte befriends another insect. This time a caterpillar she names “Fuzzy,” whom she thankfully decides to tuck in the cozy bark of a nearby tree and not in her pocket.

The soul of any road trip is its spontaneity, the freedom to roam on a whim and stop at will. I switch into Gravel Mode and aim for a picturesque river, where Mirabai and I produce a spread of berries, cheese, salami, and cucumbers. Adeline peppers our photographer with questions about life in Germany, and Charlotte – of course – digs up an insect from the muddy bank of the river.

Later, cruising on a wide-open freeway, Mirabai remarks on how fortunate we have been to share this experience. We understand each other, too – we’re both glad to be free, glad to be on the road.

Info Text first published in the Porsche customer magazine Christophorus, No. 400.

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