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Porsche gets involved in kitesurfing

In addition to its long-standing sponsorship of tennis and golf, Porsche is to support the further development of kitesurfing. From November, the sports car manufacturer will sponsor the Red Bull King of the Air competition and work with the kitesurfing brand Duotone.

“Kitesurfing is all about athleticism, precision and pushing boundaries – which is why this sport is a perfect fit for Porsche,” says Robert Ader, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Porsche AG. “Kitesurfing is a high-performance sport. Competitors not only have to be highly fit and focused, they also need courage and the best equipment to constantly push their limits. Together with our partners, we want to contribute to the further development of the sport and make the excitement even more tangible by supporting professional competitions, manufacturers and ambitious athletes. At the same time, we see great potential in kitesurfing as a way to work with attractive brands and to appeal to new target groups.”

Flying high: Red Bull King of the Air Since 2013, the prestigious Red Bull King of the Air competition has been held in Cape Town, against the backdrop of Table Mountain. Participating athletes compete by performing extreme jumps of 20 metres and higher. The kiter crowned Red Bull King of the Air is the one who impresses the most in terms of height, power, extremeness, technique and innovation on the day of the event. Waterproof and windproof: the new Porsche kitesurfing athletes Born in the Balearics, Whaley moved to Tarifa with his family when he was 13 and found the wind conditions ideal for training. In 2015, he became world champion in the freestyle discipline and he has also already won several events in 2021.

Arnaus was given a kite for her ninth birthday and has been fascinated by the wind ever since. Now 25, she has been kitesurfing for 10 years. In 2020, for example, she took two second places at the GKA Super Grand Slam in Brazil and at the World Distance Kite Battle. Her discipline is freestyle: “The process is try, crash, repeat, try, crash, repeat,” says Rita. “For hours and hours and hours. Although for me, progress truly comes when I’m with friends from the Kite World Tour. We really help each other. Push each other.”

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