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Porsche and Michelin support Indonesian rubber plantation farmers

Porsche and Michelin are championing the sustainable extraction of natural rubber. The commitment of the sports car manufacturer and the tyre producer to transparency and better working conditions in the extraction of raw materials is demonstrated by the CASCADE (Committed Actions for Smallholders Capacity Development) project. CASCADE

For Porsche, responsibility begins a long way from the factory gates. We take a holistic approach to sustainability. Our supply chain and the extraction of raw materials are important factors here, says Barbara Frenkel, Member of the Executive Board for Procurement at Porsche AG. We take responsibility for our impact on the rubber extraction regions in Indonesia. We want to improve people’s lives through projects conducted in the area. Smallholders form the heart of a sustainable supply chain for natural rubber. That's why we are supporting them to achieve a decent standard of living while adhering to good environmental and social practices.

Porsche and Michelin identified risks to the sustainability of the supply chain in rubber extraction using an app specially developed for this purpose and by conducting discussions with market participants in the area.

CASCADE is one of the first support projects in the world to start at the lowest level of the natural rubber supply chain. The scheme will see 1,000 smallholders trained by local partners to make extraction methods more environmentally compatible and efficient. This makes a considerable contribution to the lasting improvement of living conditions of smallholders and their families.

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