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Seven-speed manual transmission and a host of new equipment options

A seven-speed manual transmission can now be ordered for all 911 Carrera S and 4S models at no extra cost in European and related markets. It is an alternative to the standard eight-speed PDK transmission.

Also as part of the model year changeover, a host of new equipment options will now be offered for the 911 Carrera series that were previously not available for the sports car. These include Porsche InnoDrive, which is already familiar from the Panamera and Cayenne, as well as a new Smartlift function for the front axle.

For purists: seven-speed manual transmission with Sport Chrono package

The manual transmission with seven gears for the 911 Carrera S and 4S always comes in combination with the Sport Chrono package. This overall setup will appeal above all to drivers with sporty ambitions, who will also appreciate the new tyre temperature indicator. The tyre temperature indicator is combined with the tyre pressure indicator. At a low tyre temperature, the blue bars warn about reduced road grip. As the tyres warm up, the colour of the indicator changes to blue-white and then changes to white once the operating temperature has been reached and maximum possible grip is available.

In combination with the manual transmission, the Sport Chrono package also offers an automatic rev-match function. The package also includes other sporty ingredients such as dynamic engine mounts, PSM Sport mode, the mode switch on the steering wheel with the modes Normal, Sport, Sport Plus, Wet and Individual (for an individual setup), as well as a stop watch and the Porsche Track Precision App.

In the 911 Carrera for the first time: Porsche InnoDrive and Smartlift

On the variants with PDK, the assistance system extends the functions of the adaptive cruise control system by predictively optimising the driving speed for up to three kilometres in advance. The system detects the current traffic situation using radar and video sensors and adapts control accordingly. Like with conventional adaptive cruise control, InnoDrive also continuously adapts the distance to the vehicles in front.

The new optional Smartlift function for all 911 versions allows the front end to be lifted automatically at corresponding locations where the vehicle is driven regularly. If the driver approaches this position from the same direction again, the front of the car will lift up automatically.

Leather package 930 in the style of the first 911 Turbo

The leather package 930 introduced with the 911 Turbo S is now optionally available for the 911 Carrera models. The equipment package includes quilted seat centre panels at the front and rear, quilted door panels, as well as other extensive leather trims.

Other new equipment options

New lightweight and noise-insulated glazing is now also available for the Coupés in the 911 series. The weight advantage compared to standard glazing will be over four kilograms. A touch of colour is also added by the new exterior paint finish in the special colour Python Green.

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