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Real-time mobile communications for the vehicle projects of the future

In cooperation with Vodafone, Porsche has entered the 5G era at its Weissach Development Centre. Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO of Vodafone Germany, and Michael Steiner, member of the Porsche AG Executive Board for Research and Development, switched on the 5G standalone network today.

At the same time, it will improve the framework conditions for the strategic development of new vehicle systems and functions at Weissach, allowing 5G to be integrated in the cars of tomorrow, to meet the requirements of the future.

When installing 5G at the Weissach Development Centre, the partners focused on secure and instantaneous transmission between vehicles and digital devices. Unlike most other 5G networks, the mobile communications architecture at Weissach is a complete 5G standalone solution in the 3.5 GHz frequency range. This means that the site’s 5G network differs from 5G technology in other locations, where in some cases the core network uses existing LTE infrastructure. The delay time for data exchange, also referred to as latency, is only around ten milliseconds in a 5G standalone network, making Weissach’s one of the fastest 5G networks in Europe.

The real-time capability provided by 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) are essential prerequisites for the development of future pre-emptive warning and assistance systems – as well as automated driving functions that require the exchange of safety-relevant data between vehicles. To be able to do this, the system evaluates real-time data from other vehicles in the vicinity.

HERE, Vodafone and Porsche partner on real-time warning system

In the future, new technologies will be a key enabler to make unclear traffic situations safer. Other possibilities of fast 5G data transmission are new connectivity and streaming services with higher transmission rates. In future, bandwidths of up to 1,000 megabits per second and real-time data exchange will enable HD-quality content streaming as well as delay-free cloud gaming and augmented reality transmissions in the vehicle, effectively turning the cars of the future into home cinemas on four wheels.

Work on the 5G network for the outdoor areas of the Weissach Development Centre was completed just a few weeks ago. The first area will be the electronics integration centre, where high-performance data exchange is made possible via the 5G network with the aid of special indoor antennae.

Visitors and partners of the Weissach Development Centre will also benefit from the high-performance, high-speed 5G connection as Porsche and Vodafone have designed the network to be publically available.

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