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"We have increased our donations by five million euros"

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume appeals to the public to help overcome the coronavirus crisis. He explains in an interview what efforts the company is making.

Porsche is stepping up its corporate social responsibility in response to the coronavirus crisis. The production of medical products is also being considered, says Porsche boss Oliver Blume.

Are you in the office, or are you running Porsche from your home office now?

I'm in the office. I think it's important that I'm on site as the CEO, and that people know where to find me when they need me. Of course, most meetings and discussions are now taking place via video conferencing and calls.

Will you have more meetings on the phone after the crisis?

We are certainly understanding the technical possibilities and using technology to a much greater extent than before the crisis, and sometimes it can be more efficient to talk via Skype than to drive from location to location.

Porsche is having a break in production at the moment. Is it yet clear whether you can restart production after the two-week break? We are assessing the situation as it presents itself. We are less dependent on China than we are on our European neighbours. In this respect, I hope that we as a society will manage to contain the coronavirus and that we will then receive a signal at European level as to when we can all restart production.

How hard will Porsche be hit by the crisis? Some economists expect the biggest slump since World War Two?

There are various crisis scenarios from experts. It is also important that politicians support the economy throughout the crisis – for example, to increase demand so that we can put this slump behind us as quickly as possible. It is important to have an optimistic attitude, to look ahead – and to return to full throttle as soon as possible after the crisis.

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