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“Soulful Driving” in Thailand

The latest issue of Curves magazine is out – and this time the spotlight shines on the incredible roads of Thailand. The Porsche Newsroom provides a look behind the scenes.

It begins with a man driving in his Porsche to see a friend. They sit and chat and, at some point, the Porsche driver tosses the key to his 911 to his friend’s son. He had seen how the young man had been eyeing up the Porsche.

“Das Treffen” in Thailand

Inside the tropical treasure trove of Southeast Asia’s buzzing Porsche community. His friends call him Tenn, and he went on to organise southeast Asia’s first Porsche meeting in 2016. It contains a certain sympathy for the unembellished nature of the German language, as well as recognising the German-ness of the Porsche brand – and of course, the name says exactly what it’s all about.

Stefan Bogner is certain that these amazing guys did things for us behind the scenes of which we remain blissfully unaware to this day. And the many wonders of which we are aware bring a great big lump to the throat. You have our love, you have our friendship, you have our respect. The same also applies, of course, to our families and friends at home. We go, just have to go, but we always return. You are the destination of every journey. Thousands of miles long.

Info Photos: Stefan Bogner “Curves 12: Thailand” is available for purchase at this link. Note “Curves 12: Thailand” was produced before the outbreak of Covid-19.

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